Damayan at Tiyaga

The Foundation would like to acknowledge and express its gratitude to the following for their generous donations - may the blessing be returned to you a hundredfold!

Date Name Donation  

  Debbie Perucho P5,500.00 Kasipagan
  Tim & Mila Sneed P8,000.00 Calamity
  Ma. Amparo Socoro P10,000.00 Calamity
  Ptra. Letty P5,000.00 Capernaum
  Jenine Diaz US$3,000.00 Calamity
  Ptra. Florentina F. Joson P22,325.00 Kasipagan
  Avelino Tuason P15,024.75 Kasipagan
  Deborah Perucho P3,300.00 Kasipagan
  Elen Brugman & Rina Pangalinan P17,361.00 Kasipagan
  Kevin Martinez US$200.00 Calamity
  Marie Israelita US$200.00 Calamity
  Teresa Interline US$50.00 Calamity
  David & Dierdre Rombuerger US$30.00 Calamity
  Wendy Diamond US$15.00 Calamity
  Aldo & Sheila Ciotti US$50.00 Calamity
  Susan Mc Donald US$100.00 Calamity
  Beth S. MichLoritz US$44.00 Calamity
  Loui Myers US$15.00 Calamity
  Stephen & Brenda Canuso US$30.00 Calamity
  Amy Bischof US$30.00 Calamity
  Lita & Ben Lim US$1,500.00 Calamity
  Riza & Long Phan  US$500.00 Calamity
  Christopher Carvell US$150.00 Calamity
  Elen Brugman US$500.00 Calamity
  Velynda de Bantollo US$500.00 Calamity
  Maria Quimba US$500.00 Calamity
  Agnes Paragas US$100.00 Calamity
  Susan Porter US$100.00 Calamity
  Heddy Santos US$100.00 Calamity
  Jenine Diaz US$100.00 Calamity
  Inez Alvarado US$100.00 Calamity
  Cheryl & Joe Hall US$100.00 Calamity
  Orland & Nina Quimba US$700.00 Calamity
  Vickie Matias US$250.00 Calamity
  Jenine's Friends US$6,800.00 Calamity
  Elena Brugman P30,354.75 Elderly
  Anita Alquiroz Legaspi P2,000.00 Elderly
Dec 8 Haiyan Relief Efforts (spearheaded by Jenine Diaz and Bobby Lee in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) US$15,000.00  
Dec 8 Nina Quimba family and friends in the U.S.A. US$2,000.00  
Dec 2 Odette Ong P1,060.00  
Dec 2 Elvira A.Vital (Torres HS Batch '59) $30  
Dec 2 Isabelita Sagun Maximo (Torres HS Batch '59) $25  
Dec 2 Zenaida C. Sagui (Torres HS Batch '59) $25  
Dec 2 Angelina Ibasco Faustino (Torres HS Batch '59) $25  
Dec 2 Eugenia A.Vasquez (Torres HS Batch '59) $30  
Dec 2 Julieta Aguilar Santiano (Torres HS Batch '59) $30  
Dec 2 Beatriz Mariano Vasquez (Torres HS Batch '59) $50  
Dec 2 Erlando Leyva (Torres HS Batch '59) $50  
Dec 2 Rolando Lampa (Torres HS Batch '59) P2,200.00  
Nov 20 Avelino Tuason US$300  
Nov 8 Ben and Lita Lim US$800  
June John and Rowela Mallare US$250  
June Alex and Susan Lao US$400 For Capernaum
June Milette Concepcion P10,000 For Capernaum
June Alex and Susan Lao CND$100 For feeding program
May Florentina Joson P20500 For Kasipagan Learning Center
May Ma. Elena Abrenica P4000 For Kasipagan Learning Center
May Diana Quesada Aus$100 For Capernaum
May Debbie Perucho P500 For feeding program
April Florentina Joson US$50 For Capernaum
April Vicky Matias US$50  
April Meg West US$1000  
April Corazon Velasco US$250  
April Ben and Lita Lim US$1200  
April Marie Israelite US$400  
April Nina Quimba US$500  
April Jenine Diaz US$1500 For Livelihood program
April Riza Lim Pham US$550 For Kasipagan Learning Center
Feb Evangel Church US$200 For Glorious Church
Feb Evangel Church US$200 For Marikina Mission Center
Feb Evangel Church US$200 For Kasipagan Learning Center
Jan 24 Debbie Perucho P500  
Jan 2 Debbie Perucho P500  
Jan 2 Polly Joson P3,000  
Dec 17 Anonymous P4,280  
Nov Ben & Lita Lim US$700 $300 - typhoon fund,
$300 - building fund
$100 - christmas treat for young and adult under DTFI care
Nov Avelino Tuason US$300  
Oct Debbie Perucho P500  
Oct Marissa Romero P1,000  
Sept Marissa Romero P1,000  
Sept Pastor Romeo Matutina
Christian Church Fellowship Int'l. (Geneva)
Sept Lou Ugale P2,000  
Sept Lou Ugale P1,000  
Aug Debbie Perucho P500  
Aug Marissa Romero P1,000  
Aug Riza Lim Pham  US$400 Capernaum building
Aug All nations Fellowship US$600 flood victims
Aug Riza Lim Pham US$400 flood victims
Aug Rina P500 flood victims
Aug Ellen Abrenica   P2,000 flood victims
Aug Helen and Mario Umali P3,000 flood victims
Aug Poying Villanueva  P2,000 flood victims
Aug Cora Nery P2,000 flood victims
Aug Myrna Rodriguez Co P2,000 flood victims
Aug Conrado and Ottie Pantua P5,000 flood victims
Aug 8 Milette Concepcion P1,000 flood victims
Aug 7 Polly Joson P1,500 flood victims
Aug 2 Milette Concepcion US$100  
Aug 2 Milette Concepcion P7,000  
July 31 Marissa Romero P2,000  
July Magdalena Enriquez US$100  
July Francis & Melissa Pajes US$100  
July Guia T. Pajes US$50  
July Claire P. Lee US$25  
May Ben & Lita Lim    US$1,300  
May Jenine Diaz  US$2,100  
May Victoria Matias US$50  
May Len de Bartolko US$200  
May Nina Quimba  US$1,000  
May Orland Quimba US$300  
May Ferdinand Ibebuchi  US$250  
May Luisa Mariano  US$100  
May Ptr. Anthony & Sis. Yah  P2,000  
May Dra. Kends Cancio P2,000  
May Marissa Romero  P1,000  
Apr Cora Miranda P4,500  
Mar Elly Jocson P2,000  
Mar Marissa Romero P1,000  
Mar Alan & Cherry Abrenica   P1,000  
Mar ABCOR P2,000  
Mar E. Fernandez P5,000  
Mar Jojo and Louie Joson P10,000  
Mar Dolores Canelita P5,000  
Mar Marissa Romero P1,000  
Mar Jojo and Luisa Joson P10,000  
Mar Ernie & Ellen Abrenica P2,000  
Mar Alan & Cherry Abrenica P1,000  
Mar Erlisa Fernandez P5,000  
Mar Elly Jocson P2,000  
Jan 24 Cora Nery P4,590  
Jan 20 Upland Star c/o Egay Erni P1,000  
Jan 20 Cora and Ruben Dolores P5,000  
Jan 20 Lou Ugale P2,000  
Jan 18 Evangel Church $300  
Jan 18 Florentina Joson US$300  
Dec 29 Paulo and Jen Hernandez P1,000  
Dec 26 Pastora Polly Joson P11,000  
Dec 19 Manny and Ely Gotiangco P50,000  
Dec 9 Liza Ancheta P1,000  
Dec 9 Debbie Perucho P5,000  
Nov 28 Avelino Tuason US$250  
Nov 10 Ellen Abrenica P1,000  
Oct 15 Ben Lim  US$1,000  
July 17 Lourdes Ugale P2,000  
June 21 Cheryl Balster US$50  
March Ellen Brugman US$600  
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